Coronavirus Appeal


The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for everyone. Its effects are felt in every home by everyone without exception, but disabled and vulnerable people are among the hardest hit, often with higher risk of life-threatening complications. Livability is on the frontline, providing care, nursing, education and support for those who need it most during this crisis – but we can’t do it without your help.

Coronavirus presents a huge risk to the lives of our residents who have complex health needs due to a range of medical conditions, mental health needs and frailty. We’re working hard to ensure everyone we support stays healthy and well – both physically, mentally and spiritually - during these unprecedented times.

Ultimately, we’re working to keep people alive.

We need your help to do this - please help us be there.


£10 could enable us to buy protective face masks to help keep residents and their carers safe and well

Give in memory

A gift in memory of your loved one is a wonderful tribute that can break down barriers & enhance lives.

Give your time

Volunteer an hour to residents who'd love a call, message or virtual singalong as they isolate.

Shop and support

AmazonSmile is a simple way to support us every time you shop - no extra cost to you.

John: Adjusting to an unknown 'new normal'

In recent weeks, the nation has been forced into isolation. For disabled and vulnerable people, isolation is a barrier that Livability has worked hard to break down. We enable the people we support to live the life they want to lead. In the current ‘new normal’, isolation is saving lives – but for the disabled people we care for, it can be devastating.

John used to live with his mother in Newcastle, but sadly she passed away and the day centre he attended had to close. Then John found Livability’s services. Now we enable John to stay in his family home, living independently, with Livability staff sleeping over each night for support.

John has Down’s Syndrome and dysphagia, which means his food must be prepared in a specific way to minimise the risk of choking.

Before the pandemic, with Livability’s support, John’s weekly routine included regular visits to his friendly local pub, library, supermarkets, music groups and a game of pool at the nearby MetroCentre. He was barely at home and loves to be out and about.

The recent situation has brought significant change for John to manage. He has had to adjust to a new routine, and, with the support of Livability’s keyworker, Gillian, he is coping well. Gillian is enabling John and herself to stay safe and well during this crisis time.

To help John adapt well to the ‘new normal’, John’s key worker has arranged activities including:

  • Helping John buy a pool table for his house to have a game of pool together.
  • Arranging for the local pub to send John a letter to explain it had to close, as John is less anxious about change if he has an official letter.
  • Helping John keep in contact with friends and family over the phone.
  • Increasing cleaning around the home, such as handrails and stairs, and washing hands more.
  • Keeping active with daily exercise to the local paper shop and quick stop for a sit down and drink, ensuring John and Gillian maintain social distancing.
  • Watching comedy DVD Mrs Browns Boys - one of John's favourites!

Livability’s support means John is coping well with major disruption to his life, which would usually make him very anxious. He’s now counting down the days until the pub opens again

Please help us be there for John and others like him.